Brooke Balderson

I’m Brooke. I’m an outspoken, funny, articulate, thoughtful, passionate former teacher who grew up in the Annapolis area. I’m an idealist and a realist all rolled into one. I like to believe I can make a difference in the world and that the small things matter. I strongly believe that a smile or a kind word can brighten someone’s day and possibly alter their perspective — even if it’s just for a moment. I like my hair short and usually with a few fun colors in it. I like to smile and to make others laugh. I’m sarcastic most of the time. I like tattoos if they have a story or a meaning. I’m someone who likes to talk through my decisions and issues but definitely do what I feel is right in my heart regardless of what anyone else thinks. I believe change is good and necessary and I am usually up for a challenge. I believe that everyone needs to walk their own path and do the things that make them the happiest. Goals are important to me and meeting them is what makes me tick day in and day out. For me, this means I chose to adopt my son as a single 28-year-old. I’ve never been one to shy away from walking my own path every now and then though because, above all, I believe in doing things for the right reasons regardless of what societies’ views on them are. Based on the path my life has led me down, I have a strong passion for adoption and helping to provide support, answers, and strength for other adoptive families’ and their children. I will walk beside you and your family to be your shoulder to lean on as well as the support, guide, advocate, and confidone! Here’s a link to my own adoption story, as published on Women’s Health: