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California Adoption Doulas

Click on a name to learn more about that doula.  Doulas with an asterisk before their name (*) have also purchased the Adoption Doula Handbook, an extremely helpful resource filled with information, tips and resources for the adoption doula. Lillian Johnson Erika Wilkins (*) Jessica McGuire (*) Brittany Randolph Jennifer Whillhite Meredith McCollum (*) Sherrie… Read More California Adoption Doulas

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Meredith McCollum

I am a certified birth and postpartum doula with DONA and am passionate about supporting both birth mothers and adoptive families during their journey to create a wonderful life for the child(ren) they are bringing into the world. The pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods, when full of support, encouragement, healthy communication, preparation, education, and lots… Read More Meredith McCollum

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Erika Wilkins

I am a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International. I have been certified since Nov. 2010 and have been blessed in being a part in over 30 births in my first year. My hearts desire is that every woman be able to make informed decisions about her health care during her pregnancy and birth. It is my… Read More Erika Wilkins

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Brittany Randolph

I am currently certifying as a birth doula and a bereavement doula through stillbirthday. I am also completing my certification as a birth doula through DONA. I am a postpartum doula and also a prenatal and postnatal personal trainer. I have a personal connection with adoption as I am, myself, a birth mother. It has… Read More Brittany Randolph

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Lillian Johnson

A doula provides: • explanations of medical procedures • emotional support • advice during pregnancy • exercise and physical suggestions to make pregnancy more comfortable • help with preparation of a birth plan • massage and other non-pharmacological pain relief measures • positioning suggestions during labor and birth • helps support the partner so that… Read More Lillian Johnson

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Jennifer Willhite

I am a Professional Birth Doula, a mom of two beautiful girls, and I am also adopted! I was adopted at birth and have always felt doubly blessed and doubly chosen / wanted (except when I was a teenager and I think everyone’s angry then, anyway.) I have a very special family: there are 6… Read More Jennifer Willhite


Meghan Hibner, SBD

Hi! My name is Meghan, and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I was born at 32 weeks, due to my mother’s severe eclampsia, with what I call “the gift” of mild cerebral palsy. However, that hasn’t stopped me from going after my dreams. I have a bachelor’s degree from the… Read More Meghan Hibner, SBD


Sherrie Williams, SBD

I’m Sherrie a wife and a mother of 4. I have been a Doula since 2014 and since my certifications have grown to include childbirth educator, lactation educator, and aromatherapy for birth and postpartum. My passion for mother’s extends beyond birth but into supporting you in every aspect of motherhood, be it support pre baby,… Read More Sherrie Williams, SBD


Veronica Hinojosa-Stang

My name is Veronica Hinojosa-Stang and I am a Birth, Postpartum Doula, Newborn and Infant Specialist based in Los Angeles California but available as an International Doula for adoption and Surrogacy. I have 18 years of experience working newborn, infants and twins for families having children through birth, Surrogacy and adoption. Being a creator of… Read More Veronica Hinojosa-Stang

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Jessica McGuire

I have been a birth doula since February 2012. In March the same year I was asked to support a birth mom that had chosen the selfless journey of adoption for her daughter. It was a life changing experience for me and I’d love to support more adoption families and birth mothers in San Diego… Read More Jessica McGuire