All, Arizona

Chelsea Martin

My heart is so encouraged by those mothers and/or families who choose adoption. It is very exciting to know they have chosen life! It is a precious event give life to another and then enable a loving family to love and raise that precious life as their very own. I want to be a part of that. I am a mother to 6. My children, all boys and 1 girl, are ages 7 and under and they are the true blessing of our lives. There is nothing more beautiful than being a mother. As a friend and sister to several people who have struggled conceiving children, this matter is close to my heart.

As a Christian, care for the orphan is a real and living calling He gave to his followers. At this time, this is a great way for me to lend my own support to the cause. I have been in the birthing world for 8 years but only recently pursued certification with DONA. Raising 6 children keeps me busy and the time to achieve certification never quite fit into the picture until now. I’m blessed to work with families, babies, and everything birthy.  I am excited about what we are doing here!