Adoption Doulas Canada

Christine Catherall, SBD

In March 2012 I took my birth doula workshop thru DONA and loved it! Jumped right in supporting families. In July of 2012 I attended the DONA Postpartum Doula workshop and the Lamaze Childbirth Educator workshop. I have furthered my education with many additional course, including becoming a certified Hypno-Doula, taking a rebozo workshop, Sacred Pregnancy course, attending doula and birth conferences, becoming an Evidence Based Birth Instructor and training with Stilbirthday. Stillbirthday is an organization that teaches you to support families no matter what turns there may be; and I have committed to this depth of support so that you know that no matter the course of the birth journey, I am equipped to support you. I feel continuing education is very important in this field as there are always new studies coming out and so the more I know, the more I can help my clients. In 2015 I certified with CAPPA as a childbirth educator and I teach prenatal classes thru Your Birth Prenatal. To date I have supported a wide variety of clients… surrogates, clients choosing adoption, families experiencing a loss, planned cesarean births and a few sets of twins.

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