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Kat Schuknecht

I’m Kat, the postpartum doula and trained breastfeeding counselor of WiDoula {“wee-doula”} in Madison, WI. I’m wife to a fabulously supportive husband and mama to two lovely and spirited girls. The birth of my first daughter sparked a passion in me to reach out to new mamas. I saw, firsthand, the impact social support {or lack thereof} can have on a new parent’s life. When I learned about postpartum doulas after the birth of my second daughter, I immediately knew that this was my calling. This is where my passion lies – giving families the support they need {no, deserve!} during those early weeks so they can truly bond with baby and gain confidence in themselves as parents. I believe all families could use extra support once baby is home; adoptive families are no exception. Not only do I provide emotional support, but I also provide educational support regarding newborn care, bonding, babywearing, and feeding techniques. I care about families, and I believe the support I provide will make your life easier during this transition to a new normal.

email: WiDoula@gmail.com

website: http://WiDoula.com

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