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Tiffany Brown

I have supported friends and family through the processes of relinquishing and adopting. I acknowledge that every family has their own story to write and I recognize that too many of us feel so alone through these journeys. I believe that modernity has inhibited many of our instincts to optimally nurture ourselves and our families. I believe every parent deserves a trustworthy companion through these vulnerable yet potentially empowering transitions. I believe the overall well-being of humanity depends on rebuilding this village of nurturing support.

My training: Doula Trainings International (birth & postpartum), StillBirthDay (birth & bereavement), AcuMassage Therapy (Doula Specializing in Acupressure for Labor, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support), SAFEKIDS (Child Passenger Safety Technician), and CPR.

email: mmdoulacare@gmail.com

website: http://www.cnydoulaconnection.com