Training Syllabus

Extended Learning Modules
for the SBD Adoption Doula®

This is a free opportunity for already credentialed SBD Doulas in a collaborative opportunity between the Adoption Doula registry and and is not sold separately.  If you have an interest in supporting families in the transition of fostering or adoption, you can join the Adoption Doula registry on one of three levels:

  • free listing
  • purchase of the $17 Adoption Doula manual
  • SBD Adoption Doula listing – join our global network of stillbirthday doulas, prepared to serve families in any outcome.  This will give you a solid frame to join us in our Adoption Doula extended learning program. 


Credentialed SBD Doulas® will move through these modules in a group conversational style format.


Module One: Foundations

  • History of and kinds of family transitions
  • Politics, law, regulations
  • Language
  • Ethics, Values and Objectives of the Adoption Doula


Module Two: Identifying Everyone

  • Individuals involved/impacted by transition
  • Care Team
  • Fitting into the care team picture as the doula
  • SBD Adoption Doula mentors


Module Three: Identifying Our Client {birth mother}

  • Connect | Consult
  • Birth-Specific Planning: universal similarities & customized preferences
  • Transition-Specific Planning: networking, coaching, empowering
  • Transition-Specific Planning: preparing for multiple outcomes
  • Postpartum | Bereavement
  • Identifying Our Client: the baby, child or children involved


Module Four: Identifying Our Client {intending family}

  • Connect | Consult
  • Birth-Specific Planning: compromises and weaving
  • Transition-Specific Planning: preparing for multiple outcomes
  • The New Chapter
  • Identify Our Client: the baby, child or children involved



Module Five: Untoward Outcomes

  • Birth Mother: understanding ramifications of relinquishment
  • Intending Family: failed adoption
  • Pregnancy and infant loss, NICU
  • Consequences of bonding & attachment: changed parenting plan
  • Bias: inaccurate data, what it looks like, how to respond to it and how to prevent it


Module Six: A Deeper Look {birth mother}

  • honoring her life story
  • honoring her decision
  • honoring her legacy (addressing long term reflection & integration)


Module Seven: A Deeper Look {intending family}

  • honoring their life story (including challenges to adopt)
  • honoring their decision (intending parents can change their mind, too, about a number of things)
  • honoring their legacy (helping the family to see the transition unfold and all of the family integrate)


Module Eight: A Deeper Look {child or children}

  • learning their history: profiling the birth mother
  • advanced circumstances: abuse, trauma, separation of siblings, trafficking
  • psychological impact of even the decision of adoption (mirroring DOLIU), prenatal bonding
  • benefits of integrating “birth plan” choices by all involved as biological or intending parents
  • long term implications and networking


Module Nine: A Deeper Look {doula}

  • doula guilt at a sense of betraying one or more people involved
  • cultural competency: family dynamics, decisions, self awareness
  • practical application (atracting clients through raising awareness)
  • navigating contracts


Module Ten: Community Project

This module is completed in two parts. 
One part in the group, and the other part to be accessible to clients.

  • building your own team for the families you’ll serve
  • networking and connections
  • resources for continued learning or reference
  • care support to address the ramifications, impact and needs of the doula