The heart of the adoption doula is to serve well, and the message has been clear:

“I’m hungry to learn even more.”


We’ve decided to create a wonderful opportunity for advancement of learning for the adoption doula, beginning by creating a specialized tuition to enroll in the stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula® certification program.

Here’s why:

  • this SBD Adoption Doula certification is a free add-on for the SBD alumni.  At your SBD credentialing, you’ll be able to enter the SBD Adoption Doula network group and obtain the curriculum.
    Click here to view the syllabus!
  • those considering adoption for their biological children have a right to grieve, and as such, we have a responsibility to respond to that grief appropriately.
  • those considering growing their family may (or may not!) have been impacted by perinatal bereavement
  • the SBD Doula® program and website addresses ART, embryo adoption, LGBTQ+ and adoption, elective abortion and grief, adoption and grief, teen pregnancy (campus doulas), and more.
  • the Church & Campus extended learning opportunity for SBD Doulas is a nice complement.
  • you will receive all of the exceptional benefits of the stillbirthday global community.

Here’s the details:

    1.  Complete $175 tuition for this special opportunity.
    2. Complete your profile for the Adoption Doulas website.
    3. You won’t need to purchase the Adoption Doula handbook – it’s included!
    4. Join the SBD Doula training Admissions group.  You will learn the breadth of pregnancy and infant loss support for the Adoption Doula discount.  This is a rolling enrollment with 4 sessions each year, all entirely online for your convenience.
    5. At graduation as an SBD Doula®, you’ll also receive free access into the SBD Adoption Doula extended learning.
    6. This is a $267+ value!


SBD Doula® certification + Adoption Doula Handbook + Adoption Doula extended learning =