Adoption Doulas Canada

Megan Taylor, SBD

Megan is a passionate woman, who has a strong foundational awareness of human anatomy and basic understanding of massage therapy. Megan is a graduate of A Sacred Journeys birth and postpartum doula training, and is a certified birth and bereavement doula with Stillbirthday training. She is also certified in first aid and psychological first aid.… Read More Megan Taylor, SBD

Adoption Doulas Canada

Charmaine Hinds, SBD

Charmaine Hinds has been a Labor and Birth Doula for over 20 years. She was certified as a Bereavement Doula with Still Birthday and has been a Multi Purpose Doula for Adoptions, Teen Pregnancy, Substance users, as well as high risk pregnancies. Serving: Ontario, Canada Charmaine Hinds, SBD website

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Theresa Fraser, SBD

Hello, I am an SBD Doula as well as an Attachment therapist, Registered Psychotherapist and Canadian Certified Play Therapist in Ontario Canada. I have trained in Theraplay and Play Therapy and have supported many families in adopting children who have experienced trauma and attachment disruptions. Theresa Fraser, SBD website