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Georgia Adoption Doulas

Click on a name to learn more about that doula.  Doulas with an asterisk before their name (*) have also purchased the Adoption Doula Handbook, an extremely helpful resource filled with information, tips and resources for the adoption doula. Trina Baggett (*) Marissa Peterson, SBD JoAnna Wood

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Trina Baggett

After several years of doula work I have seen a real need for doulas to help mothers who are choosing adoption. God has placed it on my heart to help mothers through as they make the best choices for their babies. email: website:


Marissa Peterson, SBD

I have been a doula for over two years, working in bereavement and as a placenta specialist for the last year. I have worked with children for the last seven years. After recently teaching an incredible adopting couple infant care, my eyes and heart were opened to the support that both birthing and adoptive parents… Read More Marissa Peterson, SBD


JoAnna Wood

I’m an adoptee myself, and helping families grow through the joy of adoption is one of my passions in life. I am affiliated with SBD’s doula program and am completing a Master’s degree in Applied Developmental Psychology as well. I look forward to joining you on your adoption journey! Serving: Georgia silverblossombirth (at)