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Ellie Mestas

My name is Ellie Mestas and I am a passionate servant of the Lord with a heart for birth and adoption. I am a DONA and toLabor trained Birth Doula (certification pending) and am currently working on my Christian Childbirth Educator training with Cascade. I absolutely love assisting women throughout pregnancy and birth. I believe… Read More Ellie Mestas

North Carolina

Jessica Sicca

As an adoptee myself this cause is something so close to my heart. To walk this journey with families both sides of adoption would be an honor. Jessica Sicca website

New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina

Jessica Kimball

Both of my parents were adopted so growing up I have heard many stories about adoption and the whole process. I am currently in process of ordering a handbook and I’m excited to offer adoption Doula services. Serving:¬†South Carolina, North Carolina, New Hampshire Jessica Kimball website

North Carolina

Lydia Carver, SBD

Hello! I am Lydia; military spouse, mother of two, and SBD certified doula. Living the military life, with constant moving and unexpected “surprises,” I understand what it’s like to embark upon a journey with no idea what is coming next and with little to no support system in place. It is a hard, lonely place… Read More Lydia Carver, SBD