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Pennsylvania Adoption Doulas

Click on a name to learn more about that doula.  Doulas with an asterisk before their name (*) have also purchased the Adoption Doula Handbook, an extremely helpful resource filled with information, tips and resources for the adoption doula. Louise Powers (*) Mollie Brumbaugh, SBD (*) Meghan Slater, SBD (*) Jennifer Wasser, SBD


Jennifer Wasser, SBD

I was not able to conceive a child. My husband and I adopted our beautiful 7 year old daughter Emma. The adoption was a closed adoption but we chose to remain in contact with our daughters birth mother. Serving: Pennsylvania Jennifer Wasser, SBD website


Meghan Slater, SBD

I am a 25 year old married mama who has a baby in heaven and one on earth. It’s my passion to help mamas going through pregnancy or infant loss. I want to be there like others were there for me. Serving: Pennsylvania Meghan Slater SBD website


Mollie Brumbaugh, SBD

I am a mom of 4 kiddos 3 girls and one boy . Ages 8.6.4.and 2 . My third child passed away At 10 days old. I mentor moms who have babies in the nicu or ones that have passed away. This is another step in my journey. Serving: Pennsylvania Mollie Brumbaugh SBD website