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South Carolina Adoption Doulas

Click on a name to learn more about that doula.  Doulas with an asterisk before their name (*) have also purchased the Adoption Doula Handbook, an extremely helpful resource filled with information, tips and resources for the adoption doula. Katie Reitman (*) Lyndsi Dreckman, SBD (*) Juliann Lee, SBD Jessica Kimball

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Katie Reitman

Mothers should be supported in any stage of the mothering process. Adoption (and surrogacy in SC) present its own set of challenges and emotions, and a guiding, nurturing hand will always help.   website

South Carolina

Lyndsi Dreckman, SBD

A calling has been put onto my heart to serve birth mothers and adopting families. I am thrilled to offer my education and walk alongside these families as they navigate their journey together through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Lyndsi Dreckman, SBD website

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Jessica Kimball

Both of my parents were adopted so growing up I have heard many stories about adoption and the whole process. I am currently in process of ordering a handbook and I’m excited to offer adoption Doula services. Serving:¬†South Carolina, North Carolina, New Hampshire Jessica Kimball website

South Carolina

Juliann Lee, SBD

Juliann Lee grew up in Charlotte, NC before moving to Columbia, SC in 2010. Juliann is a Paramedic, although she has always been more drawn to the birth world. She became a doula as a way to learn and practice more of the non-medical side of labor support, and she loves being able to be… Read More Juliann Lee, SBD